Opening the Church for worship

From the Minister

Update on COVID response

We are no longer asking people to book for services, however we are asking you to socially distance where possible.  We are also strongly encouraging the wearing of masks throughout services.    If you wish to chat and it is possible to do so, please try to do this outdoors.

We will continue to provide sanitiser and to encourage regular handwashing and cleaning of hands and we will also continue to keep a list of those attending church events for track and trace.   

We will continue to revise the rules as often as is needed in order to keep things as safe as we can.  Please be aware that we are all getting used to the ‘new normal’ in different ways and at different speeds and respect others’ views.  If anyone has any questions please do get in touch.

Other Church Activities

The Bible Study and the Exchange Book Club are now meeting at the Church as usual.