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Caring for God’s Acre

From June 5th - 13th 2021 we will be taking part in the Caring for God's acre, count for nature, a citizen science project encouraging the counting and cataloguing of different species found on church land. We will be doing this in partnership with the management team from Foxearth and alongside other churches in the area. 

In order to best recognise the different plants on the St John's site and to encourage wildlife, we will be taking a break from mowing some areas of the church grounds until after this time.  

This is a great opportunity to find out a bit more about the nature on our premises and fits well with our status as an Eco-church.

If you would like to help with the count, please contact Ruth Ridge here for more details.

Press release 7.9.19

We’ve got there at last!  We have achieved the Eco Church Silver Award.

The  press release above appeared in the Mercury of 7th August 2019