From the Minister


Our Minister is currently on a sabbatical until the middle of August

Our monthly letter is being written by "guest writers".  

This month our circuit steward, Bill Humm has written it for us.

Letter from Circuit Steward

 Dear friends,

 I have been asked to write the letter for the June Newsletter.

(Please direct all bad comments to your church stewards)

 We all have occasions to celebrate, the Queen is no different, as she and us, as a nation celebrate her 70th year, platinum jubilee, accession to the throne, as well as her 96th birthday.

 I wonder what you have celebrated over the years other than birthdays or anniversaries, have some just past you by and others forgotten about?

 Many churches hold anniversaries for the long time the church has existed in a place, in cities, towns and villages, over the years many have had to closed unfortunately. Having grown up in a small village, the Sunday School anniversaries were real posh occasions, some involved putting on your Sunday best clothes, usually bought for that reason, having a procession through the streets to the chapel, where singing, recitation and prize giving were the order of the day followed by the tea and cakes, all served up on the Wesleyan blue church crockery. Ah…… what memories.

 Celebration stories in the Bible when David, the king brought the Ark of the Covenant back to a large tent in Jerusalem. (2Samuel 6 v 12-18).  David sacrificed many bulls as they travelled, he danced, he sang, he praised God, he celebrated.

 We celebrate Jesus’s birth at Christmas, we celebrate his death and resurrection at Easter, and we will celebrate the day of Pentecost in early June.

 Everyday we have the chance to celebrate Jesus in our lives, may it continue until we celebrate with him in heaven.

 Finally, we will celebrate the return of Ruth, our minister, in August when she returns from her Sabbatical, refreshed and ready to share how it all went.

 We wish Ruth, James and Joshua every blessing.

 God Bless you all

Bill Humm

(Your circuit steward)