From the Minister

"MinisterAutumn days when the grass is jewelled”

Many of you may well know this hymn, which was very popular when I was at school, yet must have some classic appeal because it is in the new Methodist hymnbook!  Some of the ideas in it are rather dated – not many people hear a milkman singing in the morning anymore and jet planes certainly no longer refuel mid –air!  However I think it retains its appeal because the images in it are so attractive.  It speaks of everyday things, the sights and sounds that are part of morning routine and yet it paints them with great beauty:  ‘whipped up spray that is rainbow scattered’ is a wonderful way to describe a car driving through a puddle!  All of these images are linked by a reminder to give thanks to God who is the creator of it all.

I love autumn; the colours, the chill early mornings and the crisp, starry evenings.  However I’m aware that for many people it is not a favourite season.  As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in we are reminded of all that winter brings.  Like many animals we may feel tempted to hibernate until the better weather returns.

Yet every season has its purpose and even its beauty.  Autumn fruitfulness gives way to a time of rest for nature and the winter rains water the earth whilst the winter frosts chill it and break it down ready for the new growth of spring.  We may not like the cold and dark, but if we recognise God’s hand in the pattern of the seasons then we can find things to wonder at and be thankful for too.

So, as you go about your daily routine this Autumn, take time to pause and appreciate the little things; birds gathering on rooves as they prepare to migrate, berries shining in the hedgerows, the glow of a lighted window.  And as we notice these little things then may we, as the song reminds us, not forget to say a great big ‘thank you’ to God.



 Rev Ruth Ridge