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Exchange Book Club


The next meeting of the Exchange Book Club is on Wednesday October 2nd when we will be discussing Liz Trenow’s book “In Love and War”.  Even if you have not read it, do come along for a lively discussion.


Holiday Club

This year the Holiday Club song was “We’re going on a journey” and this was the theme for all the various activities throughout the week.

On Wednesday, for example, we began by glueing pictures of well-known locations such as Gainsborough’s statue and Belle Vue Park onto Sudbury Town maps.

After this we proceeded to the church to sing the rousing theme song about trusting God to guide us, led by Emma.  We all enjoyed singing and dancing and waving ribbons.  Ruth talked about journeys and the children volunteered places they had travelled to and how long it had taken them to reach their destination.  They suggested things that helped when travelling by car, such as good signs, traffic lights and Google!  Moving on to think about life’s journey we learned a verse from the Bible [Psalm 119 v 105] and said a prayer together.

Then we followed Ruth on a bear hunt, up hill and down dale, through forests and swamps, squelchy mud and snow.  When the bear [albeit a white soft cuddly one] was discovered behind the door curtain, there was much excited squealing and feigned terror as we retraced our steps across the treacherous terrain to the safety of the church hall and a most welcome sight – a most attractive display of fruit and savoury snacks.

After the break there followed a story about Abraham’s journey.  The journey was not straightforward nor without stress and danger, but Abraham trusted God.  Every time certain words were mentioned, the children wound different colourful strands of wool round a stick, making a colourful reminder of the tale.

Back in the church, a huge labyrinth cloth had been laid out, symbolising our journey through life.  We entered the labyrinth in quick succession until we were all negotiating the narrow convoluting path and literally rubbing shoulders with fellow travellers. This proved even more tricky when we met someone doubling back in the opposite direction because one of us had taken a wrong turn.  However by careful and considerate manoeuvres, we all found our way out of the maze unscathed, having enjoyed the journey!  One lad commented that he had felt discombobulated – there’s a good word for your scrabble

Then it was time to retrieve our lunch boxes and wait for Mum or Dad to arrive.

What a happy morning!                                                              Norma

Watch Out for details of a Harvest Hoedown on Saturday 26th October between 4.00 and 6.00 pm.  Music, dancing and a jacket potato supper



Family Fair, 16th November 2019

Hi everyone

With less than two months to go, we just thought we would put a quick reminder in the Herald about the Family Fair.

As always, this event would not be able to run without the assistance of all of you. Whilst we will again be selling space to various local producers of crafts etc, as well as Fairtrade, we will have our own tables and the café  that need our help with donations of items and time.  Please watch for notices in the Link asking for specific help.

Churches Together Survey

Please take part in this anonymous survey

Churches Together in Sudbury and District are seeking feedback on Forum meetings to try to make them more beneficial and relevant to church members in the area.  Please could you take a moment to answer the four questions as this will help greatly with future planning.  Responses are needed by 14th October.

If you have internet access go to  or alternatively go to and type “survey” in the search box (upper right corner).

Otherwise please write your answers to these questions on a piece of paper and post them to Revd Ruth Ridge, 4 Kedington Court, Acton, Sudbury CO10 0XB or hand to Gill Phillips or Ken Button.

1. Do you attend Churches Together Forum meetings?

2. If you attend, why? If not, why not?

3. What do you think Churches Together Forum is for?

4. What would you like it to be for? How could this be achieved?


South Stour Festival, “Craftsman’s Art & Music’s Measure”,

 Living in Borley we are in the North Hinckford group of 15 churches. Throughout October will be the South Stour Festival, “Craftsman’s Art & Music’s Measure”, involving all the churches, with an event taking place almost every day in one of the villages -  concerts, art and craft exhibitions, talks etc.  (40+events over 33 days) Two events which can be recommended; a concert by the Mead Singers at Borley Church on 15th. October at 7.30, and on Sunday 20th. Ashley Cooper will give a talk on unearthing the Romano - British Villa at Hill Farm  Gestingthorpe at 2pm.

 More information from or from me.                                                                              Jane Martland.



 Kathy was born in 1928 in Portsmouth. Her family moved to a village near Chichester when Kathy was a child. Her father was a Local Preacher at the Methodist Chapel in the village. Kathy and her sister Margaret attended Chichester Girls Grammar School where she became Head Girl. After teacher training Kathy returned to the school as History teacher.

Kathy and Margaret were very close and travelled around a lot of the world together. Margaret predeceased Kathy in the mid 1990’s, a loss that Kathy felt deeply.

Kathy always loved travelling and went to China when she was in her 80’s. Typically Kathy wandered off with her own agenda much to the consternation and disapproval of her tour guide.

Kathy was a member of St. John’s for many years after moving to Gt. Waldingfield. She had a keen interest in the Ministry of Healing, possibly because of a life threatening experience when she developed an abscess on her brain. Kathy said that very few people survived this illness and she was sure that the power of prayer helped a great deal towards her full recovery.

Some time ago Kathy moved to Finningham and began to attend worship at Old Newton Chapel. Here she made new friends and went on several Guild holidays to Willersley Castle in Derbyshire.

Kathy had a great gift of Prayer and she led Lectio Divina meetings at the home of Alma Vinter until she had to give up driving shortly before her 90th birthday.

Sitting in Old Newton Chapel with the sun streaming in through the windows and shining on the fields beyond we sang “The Lord is my Shepherd” and I gave my thanks for the privilege of knowing Kathy and calling her my friend.

Rest in Peace Kathy in the welcoming arms of your Lord.

Maureen Hearn.

El Faro Border Church

Our new Prayer  Handbook made reference, when praying for Mexico, to the El Faro Border Church and I felt I wanted to know more.  The following is part of an article I found on the internet.

“In the fall of 1994, in response to US government attempts to curb migration of workers and people between San Diego and Tijuana, Operation Gatekeeper authorized the construction of a border fence along a 14-mile corridor eastward from the Pacific Ocean inland to the desert chaparral of East San Diego County. The original barrier was built of old metal aircraft carrier landing mats used in the Vietnam & Gulf Wars.  The new wall cuts off any and all communication between the two sides at Border Field State Park, except for a few designated hours each weekend.

It is here, through a wire mesh so thick and so tightly woven that you can barely even stick your pinky finger through it, that families split apart by deportation have been able to meet, from 10:00am – 2:00pm on weekends only.

In 2011, the California-Pacific Annual Conference (of the United Methodist Church) initiated a border mission. Every Sunday morning, a pastor and a missionary would meet to break bread and to divide juice. The pastor remained in the United States in San Diego, and the missionary crossed to into Mexico, to Playas de Tijuana. Through the border fence at Friendship Park, they would conduct a bi-national service. In March 2013 the Methodist Church of Mexico opened a Chaplain position for the “El Faro Mission.” Guillermo Navarrete is currently the pastor of El Faro on the Tijuana side.

As long as deportations occur, family separation will continue to exist. The goal of El Faro Border Church is to bring together on both sides of the fence the families that have been separated by deportation.

This cannot be the life God has intended for these families. You simply ask yourself where is the love of God in this moment?  But you know…I believe it was the love of God that breathed this service into existence in the first place. And today, it is this unconditional love—love that knows no borders—that continues to be present every Sunday in this place.  It is here every week where I am reminded that we are more than one race, nationality, or language. We are simply citizens of the kingdom of God; brought together through faith, united in purpose, and stitched together by love.

Celeste Caton”


The Shoe Box Coffee Morning  is on Saturday October 19th.  Do come along 

and help pack boxes and enjoy coffee and cake





If you pray, here are some suggestions:

  • We give thanks for many happy and successful events over the summer. Please pray that these have a long-term impact in helping people engage with nature and also the reserve and want to cherish them both!
  • Please pray that we'll be able to build on the success of our school visits this year and that more will respond to our invitations for next year.
  • Please pray for the wellbeing of our volunteer team, including several who've faced health issues and have needed to take it easy or take time out - and pray for more volunteers to join the team.
  • Dry seasons and low water tables have affected water levels in parts of the reserve and dried out some ponds.  Please pray for Mark as he considers what actions to take and as he liaises with neighbouring land managers.
  • Mark recently featured on BBC Radio Essex Quest when it visited the reserve. The next day was Bank Holiday Monday and several people came to explore the reserve because they'd heard about it the day before.
  • Please pray for Mark and Andy in the opportunities they get to speak about Foxearth Meadows and A Rocha UK and about how the Bible teaches us to care for the planet.




Foxearth Meadows News & Prayer Letter, September 2019

Please see for the latest update.  This is a really full and interesting edition.



The September service at Foxearth Meadows was attended by about 30 on a most beautiful afternoon. The theme was “Creations Freedom” and it was led by Rev. Ruth, and Andy Jowitt with musical accompaniment from Richard Stanford.

We sang a different version of All things bright and beautiful written by a friend of Ruth -  Rev Andy McCosh.

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small,

unless we’re more responsible we could well lose them all.

A wind of change is blowing.The warning bells have rung.

Now acid rain is falling, And climate change begun.     

All things ......

The tree-denuded mountains; polluted river beds;

The plastic in our oceans, are things that we should dread.   

All things......

The storms are getting greater; the floods grow huge and strong.

We can’t leave things till later, as we don’t have that long.    

All things.......

The chopping down of forests ; the sacking of our seas;

The blowing of the tempests, will bring us to our knees.    

 All things........

We’ve eyes to see injustice, and lips we’ll use to tell,

If we don’t work to stop this, we could be doomed as well. 

 All things.......

I was very pleased, and lucky, that I was able to do the return walk from Borley.  J.M.


Appeal for help

Churches Together have received a request from a gentleman who lives in Sudbury who has health conditions which mean he cannot work.  He needs a vacuum cleaner with hoses – preferably light enough for him to use on stairs.  He also needs 2 pairs of black jeans [50” waist and 33” length].  If anyone can help with any of these items, please let Rev Ruth Ridge know.


The deadline for the November Herald is Sunday 20th October 2019


Any articles for the Herald would be most welcome

  Please email any contribution to either Tricia Campbell  - or Gill Phillips - gillian.phillips  - or leave it in the tray in the Link.



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